Govt AuctionThe used Car for sale in Dubai is a major factor of the local economy and lately, even the local government is a major player in this arena. Actually, right since the 2008 economic slump in developed markets, the UAE has seen many a high flying expat leave the region in a huff, leaving behind a trail of luxury limousines gathering dust in public parking lots. However, one wonders as to what made these high paid professionals leave in a huff abandoning their dream cars to rot in the sun to accumulate dust?

Actually, debt is a crime in Dubai and many debtors prefer to escape the local jails, even if one has to abandon a luxury limousine to bake in the sun. Left behind in parking lots for more than six months, the government has a right to move in, keeping in view the unpaid parking tickets.

Probably, in anticipation of such a spectacle, the Dubai Municipality was already geared up with its used car yard in the ‘Auto Market’ in Ras Al Khor Area in Central Dubai. This complex offers all sorts of seized cars, whether new or used, luxury or economy models, sedans or sports cars or for family use. Not only cars, the complex offers various other official or quasi-official customer services at a single location, such as registration, examination, insurance, car finance, cars supplies, accessories and tyres, driving institutes, petrol station, banks, toilets and adequate parking space for various vehicles found in the complex. Most importantly, regular auctions are conducted every Wednesday evening after 4.00 PM to sell off the seized cars, which are thoroughly examined for their physical status and properly serviced, besides updating the entire paper work in respect of each of the vehicle, thus helping a potential customer a smooth, trouble free driving experience, the moment he has paid off and signed all papers.

This popular service is helping the local government to deal with the growing menace of irresponsible parking in public places, while significantly curbing the illicit trade in abandoned vehicles which frequently targets the unsuspecting novice to shell off hard earned money for vehicles of dubious ownership. Moreover, with all wrongfully parked vehicles towed away at regular intervals, the public parking lots are able to offer less cramped spaces and strongly discouraging the practice of fly-by-night hawkers.

Not only physical auction of the seized vehicles, the Dubai Municipality has gone one step further with the launch of its website for e-auction, which offers almost all services of the complex at the click of a mouse in the comfort of one’s residence. All cars available for auction are displayed on the website with their specifications, photos and base price. This service offers 25 to 35 vehicles of various brands, models, vintage and size per week which are to go under hammer that week.