Used Car Market OmanOman can hardly be qualified as the clichéd Middle Eastern car market. While it is an oil economy like the UAE and Kuwait, it is one the whole a modest producer than its neighbors and thereby has an aspiring but not very rich middle class. Oman’s economy has a definitive impact on its used car market. Oman is still a developed economy and has a huge range of used cars available for the rising classes.

Unlike the UAE, Oman’s used car market still has models as old as twenty years on sale and they are selling well. The typical Omani customer will look for value for his money rather than just concentrating on the style and luxury quotient of a car. This is the primary reason why the car market is a bit different. But still some brands reign even in this used car market. Here is a look at some of them:

Nissan Sunny: Nissan’s laidback sedan has done quite well, wherever it has been launched and Oman is no exception. The Sunny has created a huge vibe because of its smooth exteriors and comfortable interiors. The only complaint anyone can really have with a Sunny is the range of colors. Although lowering the price tag in a market like Oman might be a huge help. A used model is mostly available at a price around 2500 OMR.

Volkswagen Golf GTI: Volkswagen has reverted to its old path with the Golf. The Golf as a hatch is incredibly successful because of its great interiors, powerful engine great exterior and a host of other factors but mostly because of its price tag. A used model is available around 8500 OMR and is usually a great deal for that price. Omanis usually love the black colored Golf more than other colors.

Toyota Corolla:  There are hardly any countries left where Toyota hasn’t expanded its reached and achieved monumental success. The Corolla is one of the reasons for the market image of Corolla. It is an efficient sedan with a general sense of grooming and an engine smooth as silk. Like other countries in the Middle East, Oman professes its love for the Corolla, even in the used car market, where it is available at a price of around 3700 OMR.

Land Rover: No used car tally is complete if we do not include a favorite SUV. The Land Rover seems the correct choice, keeping in mind Oman’s landscape. It is available at a price of around 6200 OMR.

The used car market in Oman is yet to reach the level of other Middle Eastern market, but it is rapidly changing and it is beneficial for every car manufacturer to have a presence in this market.