Al Aweer Used Car ComplexThe Al-Aweer used car complex is the sal the car culture across the UAE. It is known across the world that people in the UAE are fond of their cars. They have great roads, a range of cars almost incomparable to almost any other country in world and most importantly an economy that has been highly favorable towards the automotive industry.

The Al-Aweer used car complex, is one of the largest used car lots anywhere in the world and houses a large number of used cars. It is a one-stop shop if you are in the market for used car. It was built because of great planning by the sheikh, who has created this zone for used cars so that the consumer can have a large range to choose from and a good level of competition is made between the leading dealers. Some people have raised fingers at such a large expense on a car lot but they have done so only because of their ignorance.

The sheikhs are really fond of cars. So is the UAE crowd which is made of people of class from all over the world. It has been great financial planning for the industry that the area has been declared a free economic zone, which makes purchasing cars here cheaper than anywhere else. The low price tag ensures not domestic but even international customers. People from as far as Germany and even Canada have imported cars from here. The main reason behind this is that even after including the shipping charges and taxes, the cars are available at a cheaper price than their domestic market. Adding to that is the factor that one can easily resell his or her car after using it for some years, saving money both ways and getting a high return on investment which he/she could not have had.

Because of this reason, there is a large demand for cars, which has made the industry open to both importing and exporting which helps every brand establish a presence in both the new and used car market.

Al-aweer can be termed as a car enthusiast’s heaven and a must visit when one turns up in Dubai.