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How do Syartee Auctions work?

Syartee is committed to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity and transparency and to support the global need of a relatable live car auction. Syartee was the first to apply strict compliance rules to protect the integrity of each auction. Syartee Compliance Department oversees each ongoing auction rules and regulations. We promote a culture of everyday adherence to our core values of excellence, honesty, transparency, ethical conduct and integrity.

Buyers, after complying with Syartee's rules, can securely bid online for FREE prior to or during the live auction. Buyers worldwide can participate in the live car auction as if they were on the auction floor of London, Paris, Tokyo or Dubai. To participate, find the car of you desire, follow the instructions and you are ready to bid.

Sellers, after complying with Syartee's rules, can securely post their cars for an auction. It's simple and easy. The auctioneer can set the price, time period, minimum and maximum bit increment, car photo and video, and broadcast the car live to the world.

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What is Syartee?

Syartee is a game with a new set of rules. We are committed to providing every Syartee member with:
  • A refined, worldwide service for cars, making selling and buying an easy and rewarding experience.
  • A full online service for the car dealers who are willing to service our loyal clients.
  • A quick, simple and painless car buying experience.

We have partnered with the best certified dealers worldwide who have real value to our members and those who meet our rigorous membership criteria.

To become a Syartee certified auctioneer, sellers and buyers must qualify strict criteria. If you have a car that you would like to auction you can start the process now.

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Syartee Advantages

Our affiliated programs have over 700,000 cars, saving consumers over 1 billion while providing a wide variety of cars. We offer car buying programs for the largest and most respected service organizations worldwide. Our valued clients and trusted dealers list their competitive prices up front so you know it's a great deal. We save you time and money.

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